Build your own DIY mobile phone – the ultimate custom cell

DIY woodphoneA lot of people see mobile phones as a personal statement as well as being a functional communication tool. If you can’t find a phone to suit your style have you ever considered building your very own? Well, here’s just the thing.

If you fancy a challenge and have a a few hours spare you can follow the instructions created by David Mellis. Who has created his very own cellphone using an Arduino GSM shield.

David Mellis is a PhD student at the MIT media labo and one of the minds behind the Arduino platform has released step-by-step instructions on how to create a cellphone that, with time and patience, pretty much anyone can build.

diy wood mobile phone partsMellis used the readily available Arduino GSM Shield, which lets Arduino-based machines access the web over cellular networks, as the basis for his project, but greatly expanded upon the component’s hardware and software, adding support for a display, buttons, speaker, microphone, and a full interface.

DIY phoneThis very cool DIY cellphone is capable of connecting to GSM networks in North America and uses a regular SIM card to make and receive phone calls and SMS messages and includes a display, buttons, speaker and microphone.

All the instructions and hardware you require is over on the GitHub website and consists of around 60 electronic components, and a laser-cut enclosure. If you’re a even more handy you could knock up a cool body like the grey one above created by Amit Zoran.

There’s plenty of inspiration on David Mellis’s Flickr page.

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