Bugatti Have a Futuristic Funky Kettle and Call it Vera

Bugatti VeraI love a good brew, I love brands with heritage and I also love things that are over-designed.

Imagine if I could get all of the above in one kitchen item…..

….and I can!

It comes in the form of a kettle from none other than Bugatti!

Casa Bugatti’s Vera has a self-timer so you can get your tea bang on 11am and there’s all manner of cleverness in that handle.

It tells the time, allows you to program the temperature that the water will be heated (between 45c and 100c) as well as showing you the current water temp.

The great design, funky colours (see gallery below) and high tech water heating comes in at £185 and I so want one!

But of all the names to call it………. I can’t help but think of a certain Mrs Duckworth when I see the name Vera.

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