Buffalo MiniStation Velocity portable SSD review

Buffalo MiniStation SSD Velocity


Build quality




Ease of use







  • Physical size
  • Speed
  • Looks good
  • Bundled cables
  • Works with Mac, PC and my phone!


  • An SSD and enclosure might be cheaper

buffalo ssdBuffalo announced a new line of portable SSDs at the end of last year. Well, I have been sent a 240GB version of the SSD-PUSU3 to have a look at.

Having some handy portable storage is always useful. If you cast your mind back you may recall me reviewing the MiniStation Slim by Buffalo not so long ago. That certainly had the storage and size sorted, but not great for you data speed freaks.

Enter this compact drive. Not only are dealing with SSD but also USB 3.1. The SSD-PUSU3 should tick all the boxes then. But, does it?

MiniStation SSD Velocity design

The MiniStation SSD Velocity actually comes in three different storage capacities: 240GB, 480GB and 960GB.

buffalo ssd portThese compact portable SSDs are built with a durable anodized aluminium casing and are available in black and silver finishes. The one I have here is the silver flavour. Actually, it looks a lot like the MiniStation Slim. Here they are together, side-by-side.

SSD and Ministation slimI don’t think that I would be out of line by suggesting that Buffalo has reused the MiniStation Slim case for the SSD Velocity.

The portable SSD tips the scales at 100 grams and, like the MiniStation, is just 8.8mm thick. The case is sturdy and looks good. It is definitely of a size that you could easily pocket or drop in a bag.

buffalo portable ssd and bundled cablesThe drive comes with a micro-USB 3.1 (Gen2) connection interface (A to micro B cable & C to micro B cable included).

MiniStation SSD Velocity performance

According to the literature the portable SSD can deliver maximum read/write speeds of up to 500MB/s and 480MB/s.

I naturally took this to task and, after watching five Radiohead albums ping across in about 2 seconds, decided to use something more scientific.

Enter the trusty CrystalDiskMark application.

pusu3 ssd crystaldiskmarkThis indeed confirmed Buffalo’s brags.

This portable drive is really no slouch.

Boost your phone storage

As it came with a USB C cable I just had to try it with my phone, just in case.

I am so glad I did. My Nexus 6P comes with 32GB of storage. I’m hooked up with Google Drive so my photos get sent over there after a few days. But music storage is an issue.

Well, I plugged in the SSD Velocity drive and waddaya know.

SSD-PUSU3 format for Nexus 6PThis enticing little screen popped up.

SSD-PUSU3 formatting for Nexus 6PBefore I knew it I was formatting the little thing to work with my phone.

You know when people say that they couldn’t possibly ditch their iPod Classic because of all the space it has…?

SSD-PUSU3 storage on Nexus 6PCheck out my Nexus 6P now 😉

OK, so having your phone attached to a portable drive isn’t ideal but if you need to store large files or simply carry a chunk of your digital music library with you as you travel, this is an awesome thing.

buffalo portable ssdYeah, the USB C also means it will play nice with Macs but, meh. I’m taking a bunch of tunes and box sets with me to work tomorrow!

Back up

The drive comes with Buffalo Tools such as eco manager and Secure Lock Mobile (for Windows). Buffalo’s Backup Utility that automatically backs up your Windows PC, protecting your data.

It also fully supports Apple Time Machine so Apple owners can also back up multiple Macs.

MiniStation SSD Velocity review conclusion

This drive is not only handy, but speedy. I already knew that I would like how it looks by playing with the MiniStation before. The bonus of swift data transfer and being able to use it with my phone just makes me love the Buffalo portable SSD even more.

Granted, you would have to need rather than just want one at the price. Saying that, I am sure once you have it, you’ll not know how you coped beforehand.

MiniStation SSD Velocity price and availability

You can buy the drive in both colours and all sizes (240GB, 480GB and 960GB) right now.

The 240GB one, as reviewed is currently £170 on Amazon but can be grabbed for £125 inc VAT at Misco, which is an awesome deal.