Budcase – Love your earphones

BudcaseI liked this item so much I’ve taken the piece wholesale from Redferret.net.  Perhaps it’s the fluffy Sennheiser earphones that languish in the bottom of my manbag that prompted such joy when reading this article – or perhaps it’s just a mighty fine idea:

The BudCase is an ear bud keychain case for iPhone, iPod and other music player headsets. It’s made of Neoprene, fastens with Velcro and attaches to your keychain with a small clasp. It’s even got a small pocket for extra memory cards. Neat eh? $14.95.

 Born out of the frustrating fact that when leaving home, many people simply forget to bring their ear buds. The BudCase’s innovative design solves this problem. The BudCase is designed to be clipped onto a keychain where ready access to a music lover’s ear buds is made immediately available. Built from a flexible neoprene material, the BudCase securely holds ear buds while clipped on a keychain. A Velcro fastener makes opening and closing the BudCase quick and easy. Additional features include a second pocket which can be used to hold a USB memory drive or a spare key