Buckinghamshire now paved with Wi-Fi

virginmedia wifi hidden under manholeForget streets paved with gold. The future is with Wi-Fi-embedded walkways.

Chesham, a market town in the Chiltern Hills, Buckinghamshire is being kitted out with underfoot Wi-Fi.

These Chesham pavements are leading the way to a better connected future with tech developed by the Virgin Media.

Thanks to a series of submerged access points being installed around the town centre and the nearby 36-acre Lowndes Park.

virgin manhole cover wifi routerThese in-turn all link to the provider’s street cabinets, which are connected to the local fibre network. The connection provides download speeds of up to 166Mbps, and is open to anyone walking nearby.

Virgin Media chose Chesham to pilot the technology as the town is representative of UK population and with 21,000 residents about the right size to allow quick deployment of services across the whole town.

Virgin Media plans to roll the scheme out in other locations around the UK