BT Sharing Fibre Optic Internet With all the UK

fibre-opticHere’s some good news for everyone as it’s Friday! 🙂

BT is bringing the high-speed lovin as it plans to install super-fast optic-fibre broadband throughout Britain!

British Telecom promise that over 1.5 million homes and businesses will have access to the connections by 2010.

Just in case the other ISPs feel a bit left out – BT say that they too will have access to the £1.5 billion investment into new tech, just as they did with Broadband Britain.

BT is claiming impressive initial download speeds of 40-meg, rising to 60-meg as the system picks up speed, beating Virgin‘s 50-meg cable speeds currently on offer. Uploading will eventually rise to 15-meg.

Initial trials of the service went live this week and BT has now announced 69 more locations across the UK. Have a peek here and see if your area is one of them.


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