BT Back In Black With Home Hub v2.0

British Telecom have raised the game with version 2 of their Home Hub.

Using ‘n’ standard Wi-Fi, making them the only broadband provider to do this in the UK, it increases the reach and makes it faster to stream films and music through your home.

It comes in black which for me is a huge plus point – it also looks a lot slicker than the first one.

You can also save whilst you sleep by using the power save which disables the wireless. Less power usage, lower power bills and also saving the planet that little extra bit.

Other additions include four Ethernet ports to the previous model’s two, and a USB2 port allowing you print via the router.

It’s out this Friday, and is free with certain packages, or £90 in the shops.

The sports channel Setanta also comes free with BT Vision now if that floats your boat.

BT will also be providing an HD downloads service.

You pre-book a Hi-Def movie, and it downloads overnight being ready for you in the morning to watch with your bacon buttie and latte if you so desired – like I get up early enough to watch a flick before commuting!!!