Brum Kids Get Free Wi-Fi on School Bus

green-busThe youth of today eh?

They’ve got more memory on their phones than our first computers (including RAM packs), they have more channels on their tele boxes than we dared dream – (and all in colour!), most own at least one gaming console, they get to watch films on a hand-held device……

Just to rub salt in our wounds the kids in Brum are going to get free Wi-Fi on the School Bus!

I don’t even get free Wi-Fi at work dammit!!!

The Green Bus Company (Birmingham’s leading outsourced school bus outfit) has announced it is going to roll out wireless Internet on its buses.

Services will be provided using Icomera’s Moovbox systems which is basically a shared 3G connection.

I hope that they’re not expecting to start LAN style gaming as the speed isn’t going to be fantastic - especially when they all start watching YouTube for that hilarious happy slap from yesterday (do they still do that?).

Let’s see if it takes off – you never know, it might come over to grown ups transport…..


Mobile Industry Review via ElectricPig