Brothers of Stokholm Wall of Sound – The Worlds Most Powerful iPod Speaker

wall-of-soundIf you’re no longer impressed by your iPod dock and friends just stand there; pointing and laughing at the small speakers hooked up to your iPhone – it may be time to scare the living bejeebus out of them!

What you need is a wall of sound – not just any wall of sound though.

You need THE Wall of Sound iPod speaker from Brothers of Stokholm.

The wall is hand-built and made up of 28 individual speakers, each housed in their own chamber.

It even has its own tube amplifier hidden away inside – if you look very carefully at the picture you might be able to spot that little iPod down there.

The pitch reads: “It looks frightening and it IS frightening!” – at 102 kilos, 125 Watt output and 950 x 1250 x 300mm it certainly might require the wearing of brown trousers!

What is scary and rather disconcerting about “the world’s most powerful iPod speaker” is the price – from $4495 plus shipping and the fact that the first batch has already sold out! :0.

If you’re not scared then why not order one now?

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