Brits Spending More Time Online Social Networking, Checking the News and Surfing for Naughty Stuff

Well, just as well Boris is planning a fully Wi-Fi’d London as it seems British web users are spending a massive 65% more time online than they were three years ago.

The new poll by the UK Online Measurement company also knows how we’re spending our time on the interwebs as well 😉

Of the 22 hours and 15 minutes spent surfing during an average month a huge 22.7% of that is spent on social networking. I have to admit to spending a lot of time on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Foursquare as well as on a variety of forums.

Email takes up a steady 7.2% while games account for 6.9%.

As social networking sites are on the rise instant messaging is feeling the pinch as we spend 5% IM’ing compared with 14% three years ago.

Visits to news sites are up and account for 2.7% as does visits to the more adult sites – That’s around 40 minutes a month! But Brits have a fine history with the naughty – remember those saucy seaside postcards? 😉

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