British Search Engine Takes on Google – Wolfram Alpha

wolframMention searching the interweb and chances are that Google will come up in the conversation.

Well, Wolfram Alpha may have a few choice words of its own on that score.

When you ‘Google’, those search terms that you’ve typed in are checked against all the documents stored on the Google servers.

These are then ranked – the best are flung to the top.

Wolfram Alpha doesn’t leave it there – it then takes into account human language, looking at the question posed to find the best search, not just a string of words.

Oddly enough It’s called natural language processing.

Stephen Wolfram, its creator, says that it takes web searching a considerable step forward.

Unfortunately you can’t skip across and give it a blast just yet – it should be out and about the interweb in a couple of months until then you can ogle the holding page and perhaps have a look-see at the blog by clicking the link: Wolfram Alpha

The Guardian