Brit Bin-Men Bought Blackberrys

Yup – if you want to grab one of RIM’s finest for free become a refuse collector.

I’m just getting over the idea that the Police are handed the Canadian QWERTY phones as part of their kit but now so are our bin-men and women.

Biffa covers 25 local authorities around the UK and has just agreed a £1.7 million contract with Vodafone to hand over 1,500 BlackBerry handsets along with dongles and 3G data cards.

Apparently this ‘investment’ is so that drivers can download maps (?), collect data from customers (wha?), liaise with head office, and even take photos where necessary. Hmmmm…….

More to the point – The Blackberrys will also allow Biffa to track the location of their staff 😉

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