Brionvega RR226 – 60’s Classic Get’s 21st Century update

I love retro hi-fi’s and I’d love to bring the days back when your sound system was also a piece of furniture in its own right.

Brionvega has brought back the 60’s with the very far out groovy RR226 man.

The RR226/RR126 first took the stage in 1965 and was the work of Italian designers Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni.

The new version is faithful to that look.

Those speakers can be worn to the side or on top of the unit.  I am digging the ‘smiley face’ controls and even the black trolley base – some how I think it all works 🙂

Being a 60’s throw-back you get the two-speed deck (33/45rpm) for your Beatles and Stones albums and the singles as well!

It has a built-in amp and radio but as we’re actually in the 21st Century, just like Buck Rogers, they bring you up-to-date with a CD/DVD player as well.

They’ve not gone as far as wireless/digital connectivity and they’ve surly forgotten the cassette deck.

Brionvega is currently pimping this around the design shows with no apparent signs of retail.

I’m guessing this retro-designer conversation piece aint gonna be cheap though!

Cool Hunter