BrewBarrel brings home brew bang up to date

Brewbarrel home brewing kitHome brewing kits have come on leaps and bounds in the last few years, especially since my last attempt in the early 90s. With all of the current interest in small batch, craft beers and Micro Breweries home brew has also received new interest. Top of the list is the amazing startup from Germany called ‘Brew Barrel’.

When the German-based start-up kicked off its journey home Brewing was in no way popular and the kits that were available at the time were famously impractical and offered only very inconsistent results which were not anywhere within the region of what they were trying to achieve.

After considerable product development through trial and error the fruit of BrewBarrel’s labour was a consistent, carbonated, quickly brewed and great tasting beer that was also (with thanks to 100,000 possible combinations) fully customisable.

Brewbarrel ingredientsAfter the development of the “Braufässchen” (as its German language version is known) they have gone on to sell 80,000 brewing kits in Germany alone.

Since the very beginning they’ve had stacks of requests from all over the world, but especially from within the UK which has led to them to launch the English language/international version which has been dubbed the “BrewBarrel”.

The company has also added new beer varieties such as Lager and Ale as well as the development of their UK website

With BrewBarrel you can create your own customised beer at home in just three simple steps on our website.

Firstly select your favourite beer style, then define the intensity of your beers hoppy aroma to control the bitterness of your beer.

In an optional third step it is possible to add up to three more flavours from our wide variety of flavours.

All that’s left is to receive your BrewBarrel and then prepare your beer for fermentation – a process that takes just 10 minutes as all ingredients are already pre measured and a step by step guide will take you through the brewing process.

Brewbarrel preparation processAfter just one week you’ll have a beer that has been customised to your particular ingredients all ready to be enjoyed directly from the keg’s integrated tap.

The lovely folks at BrewBarrel have offered me the chance to try this system out for my beer-loving self. I have selected an “interesting” combination in order to create my own distinct Wheat Beer – I can’t wait to taste it.

I’ll let you know how it goes.