BrewBarrel beer kit unboxing video

Brewbarrel home brewing kitAs I mentioned in my previous overview, BrewBarrel aims to make brewing beer at home a painless and quick process.

Brewbarrel is a simple yet innovative home-brew kit from Germany (where it sells as Braufässchen) that uses a technique which means that everything takes place in the one vessel – a five-litre minikeg that you also serve the beer from.

No more the cleaning and moving of liquids around – also, with BrewBarrel, you go from kit to drinkable pints in just one week.

In the video below I go through unboxing the kit contents.

[youtube id=”K8TT006wMP0″]

In the kit you get the keg, a pressure-release bung, instructions, a bottle of malt extract and a little pot of hop extract. Coincidentally, this is what brewers call an all-extract kit – using this method avoids having to boil crushed malt and hops and have what amounts to a chemistry lab in your home.

There’s a yeast sachet and, as I had chosen extra hops and flavourings to go in to my Wheat Beer (Weizen), I got some Perle (the extra hops), lemon and some Bourbon wood chips.

By the looks of things, the brew process seems straightforward.

I’ll let you know soon.

brewbarrel choicesKits from the ‘BrewBarrel Recommended’ section start at around £25 and the customised versions all depend on what beer type and what flavourings you go for – mine totalled £32.