Breville Radio Toaster – Guess What it Does?

I’ve seen some tiny kitchens in my time and, should ever the decision need to be made as to whether a toaster or radio should take up important counter space – well, the radio is always going to loose.

Not any more!

Breville has taken convergence to the kitchen with their Radio Toaster.

Guess what it is? Yup, now you can perform that breakfast mirical of changing bread into toast whilst tuning in to your favourite early morning DJ.

It might not be as aesthetically pleasing as the see through toaster from Magimix or actually talk to you but it certainly makes more sense than the PC toaster drive.

The Breville Radio Toaster will cost you £49.99 and it’s up for pre-order from Firebox or grab it now on 🙂

I can’t wait for Breville’s toastie making coffee peculator!

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