Breath of Fresh-air?

Are you the kind of person that continually makes mistakes whilst trying to pull some bird…….I mean…….get aquainted with a lady?  Are you the type to attempt the chat after a kebab with extra chilli and garlic mayo?  Well, this handy gadget from Topland wants you to “…..become a sociable person.”

This tool is about the size of a mobile and is a 2 in 1 bad-breath and alcohol breath analyzer.  It will test your breath for alcohol in just 13 seconds and then ranks the result on a six level scale visible on an LCD screen. It even promises to help users become responsible drinkers and cut down on killer hangovers.  Hmmm………..

According to the descriptions on the Etiquette Checker, the checker deems you drunk at levels 4 and 5 but doesn’t pronounce you “way too drunk” until you are off the scale.  I’m wondering “way too drunk” for what?

4 Biryanis, 8 pints and a duvet naan please squire!

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