Brave Arms Social Shooter – 3D First Person Shooter Coming to Facebook

Do you need more than Mafia, Vampire and Farming games?

If you have a Facebook account you may have noticed that these ‘casual games’ are becoming increasingly (annoyingly) popular.

Personally I welcome ‘Brave Arms’ with open….err… arms as it becomes Facebook’s first ever 3D first person shooter.

Some may stand-up and say that FPS games cannot be for the mass-market but 3G Studios’ Brave Arms certainly includes plenty of nods to the casual audience.

The makers call this a “social shooter” and the game will allow users to heavily customise their avatars and compete with others on their Facebook friends list.

Credits can be earned in-game and then spent in the game’s digital store.

“Our new title, Brave Arms, will bring First-Person Shooter games to the masses,” said 3G Studios boss, James Kosta. “It’s about fast-paced action and either competing against or forming teams with your friends. We want people to feel empowered and to share in a real video game experience.”

I’m willing to give it a go and have already signed up.

Sign up here for the Beta – my tag is Jay G 😉

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