Brando Bounce Out SATA HDD Multi Media Adapter – Looks Almost Homemade


If you like your players a bit more ‘bare bones’ or shun the glossy exteriors of top-end gadgets this will be right up your ally.

Those USB fans over at Brando have released the SATA HDD Multimedia Player Adapter.

The SATA HDD Multimedia Player will play nice with any SATA 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch hard drive, and you can connect it direct to yout TV via HDMI to play video files on your TV.

It’s not gonna make your friends make “OooOOoooo” noises from it’s looks but I’m guessing it’ll do exactly what you’d expect it to – why not convince said friends that this was just something you knocked up in a lunchtime?

It comes with a remote, and will lsing vatious formats onto your telebox including AVI, MP4,DIVX, MPG,MPEG and VOD video files as well as many others.

It’ll cost you $69 from Brando so for all the specs why not nip over to Brando’s site?

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