Brainwavz offers you Hooka and Truss amongst others

brainwavzWe have been impressed by Brainwavz products here at GadgetyNews. But as well as their earphones, they also offer a range of accessories.

Brainwavz never ceases to impress us by their pricing and what they have on offer. Their B200 dual balanced armature earphones were remarkable.

More recently, we brought you notice of their S0 IEM earphones.


Brainwavz S0 IEM earphonesAs a recap, these IEMs feature an all metal housing and flat, tangle free cabling. Their Clearwavz Mic/Remote uses a high precision MEMS (Micro-Electrical-Mechanical System) silicon microphone, coupled with a three-button control. This enables you to make calls as well as receive excellent audio playback. Furthermore, it makes it easier to control.

Additonally, you get Comply S-400 foam tips included. The best premium foam ear tips that can be found, provides for perfect seals and enhanced bass response. All this for £37.70.

Hookas and more

We already know about their earpleasers, though. However, their range of headphone accessories may also prove handy.

Brainwavz Hengja desk headphone hanger

hengja brainwavzThe Brainwavz Hengja is a practical headphone desk hanger and is suitable practically all headphones. Its all metal construction allows the Hengja to be both sturdy and stylish. Additionally, it means that there’s no chance of it bending when even the heaviest of headphones are placed on it.

The Hengja has been designed to be clamped to your desk, table or shelving unit. Furthmore, it can also be placed on vertical surfaces (i.e. table leg).

The Brainwavz Hengja is available for £11.57

Brainwavz Truss under desk dual headphone hanger

truss brainwavzThe Brainwavz Truss is a headphones hanger specifically designed to hang a pair of headphones with ease, comfort and convenience.

Solid and dependable, it affixes under any desk or surface using 3M VHB adhesive tape.

Constructed from solid aluminium, it can take the heaviest of headphones.

The Brainwavz Truss is available for £13.85.

Brainwavz Hooka headphone hanger

hooka brainwavzLast, but not least, Hooka by Brainwavz is a compact, multi purpose hanger. It features die-cast aluminium construction and is designed to fit most headphones of any weight.

Its solid construction means the Hooka won’t loose shape and form whilst holding even the heaviest of headphones. The specially designed seat on the Hooka can accommodate both small and large headbands, whilst the raised tip will stop headphones falling off.

The Hooka also attaches to surfaces using 3M VHB. This strong double-sided acrylic foam tape can hold the heaviest of loads.

The Hooka’s simple design and durability makes it a handy solution for your headphone storage needs.

The Brainwavz Hooka is available for £13.85.


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