Brainwavz M2 IEM announced along with Sony replacement earpads

Brainwavz M2Brainwavz has announced the availability of its M2 IEM Noise Isolating Earphones in the UK.

The M2 IEM are the latest in the Brainwavz stable of over 25 earphones and headphones. The company is known for offering a huge selection of budget-friendly options. With this latest news, as well as the new in ear monitors, the brand has also announced replacement ear pads for SONY headphones.

Brainwavz M2

Brainwavz M2 earphonesThe Brainwavz M2 are said to provide a mature, detailed and refined sound. Additionally, they are equally capable of giving a fun and exciting overall signature.

We are also told that the M2 will sound great no matter which genre of music you prefer. So, you can listen to pop, hip hop or country music without sacrificing clarity and performance.

Brainwavz has focused on delivering great workmanship with the M2 earphones. To this end, they are supplied with a high quality twisted oxygen free copper cable (OFC).

Brainwavz M2 iemsThe earphones themselves are of a simple yet stylish design. They feature a sturdy, metallic body and you are guaranteed a snug fit. The latter fact is thanks to the bundled 6 sets of silicone ear tips. Additionally, there’s a set of Comply tips for added comfort and enjoyable listening.

Brainwavz confidence in the build quality and performance of the M2 is clearly shown as it will also be covered in a new premium warranty. Should the M2 stop working for any reason (other than damages caused by a user) within the first 12 months after it was purchased, it will be replaced for a new unit.

Brainwavz continues to add to its following of loyal fans with its reputation for affordable audio products of great quality, value for money and superb after sales service. The M2 IEM isolating earphones with microphone & remote hope to increase this fan base further in the UK.

New SONY ear pads

brainwavz sony replacement earphone ear padsBrainwavz is also launching what it believes are the best after-market ear pads around for SONY MDR-7506, MDR-V6 and MDR-CD900ST headphones.

The replacement ear pads are designed for comfort. They’ve utilised the best materials including superior grade memory foam with a choice of PU leather, sheepskin leather or perforated PU leather.

Price and availability

Both the M2 IEMs and replacement ear pads are available now direct from the Brainwavz website.

The M2 are priced at £45.26 and the ear pads range from £14.83 to £22.44.