Brain Scanning – The Best an Ad Can Get

Marketing is not really known for being up front in its way of making you part with your hard earned.

Market research is generally carried out via focus groups, analysing market trends and those people that pounce on you in the street with their clipboards at the ready.

It is the 21st century and research firm Nielson and California-based NeuroFocus have launched a service in Japan that scans the brain waves of potential customers to help companies improve marketing.

Not quite brain washing……

They say that they can measure how much certain ads grab the attention and tug at the emotional heartstrings of the people they’re targeting. 

This could do away with those 10 page research forms and multiple choice questionnaires.

lnstead of relying on someone ticking the box for “needs more naked flesh” the operators will be able to check the graphs and by looking at how your brain spasms they’ll be able to tell just how much nudity is required, when it appears and how blatent it needs to be for a guy to by an 8 bladed razor.

Japan Today


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