Bracket makes unplugging and reconnecting your MacBook Pro a breeze

BracketHaving worked alongside a team of web developers in an organisation that seems to love meetings I have witnessed the constant plugging and unplugging of MacBooks as they flit from desk to meeting room and back again. Bracket looks to take some of the hassle out of this.

Whist the brains behind Bracket openly admit that theirs is a solution to a very first world problem, having to unplug and then plug a variety of cables in to your MacBook Pro Retina 5 or 6 six times a day can be a pain, especially if all said cables have a penchant for hastily retreating through the desk’s cable management which means that, not only have you the reconnecting of your cables and MacBook to look forward to after each meeting, but you’ll also have to spend time on your hands and knees in order to retrieve your cables first.

The Bracket Project are behind a scheme which combines all your cables in to one dock. Not only does this prevent having to play hide-and-seek with your cables each time they’re unplugged but disconnecting and reconnecting all of your bits happens in one action.

bracket pluggedBracket works with all different flavours of cables and will play nice with the most common Apple cables and a number of third party cables.

So that it matches your Apple laptop’s feel and design, Bracket is precision CNC-machined from a single block of 6061-T6 A-Grade aluminium. 6061 aluminium was chosen due to its high tensile strength and durability. The precision of the machining is 0.1mm – less than the thickness of a sheet of copy paper. The aluminium is bead blasted and anodized, and finally, the Bracket logo is engraved using a high power laser.

All of the Super Early Bird deals have been snapped up but there are still a few Early Bird Brackets to be had at kr259 DKK which is around £27.

If you like the look of the Bracket, get on to their Kickstarter and help them raise their goal of kr250,000.