Boxee Box – Possibly the Funkiest HD Network Media Streamer

boxee_boxI’ve been messing around with the cool n quirky Boxee software and am digging how it works and does its thing.

I know it’s been out for a while but the reason for this interest is the equally funky looking custom media player that they’ve just unleashed.

What this Boxee Box will do, apart from being great at playing internet video from the likes of BBC iPlayer, CNN, The Onion, YouTube and MTV as well as your downloaded content, is to allow both the company and the users to sidestep the need to have a PC or Mac puter anywhere near their telebox.

The company has partnered with network heavyweights, D-Link, to create the box.

What the D-Link hardware will offer is access to that easy-to-use and good-looking Boxee interface, playback practically all video types (you can even grab subtitles if needed) as well as access to the cool social network interaction. I’ve got my Boxee software linked into my Twitter feed for example 😉

I’m really tempted to get the Boxee Box as it is ticking all the boxees (sorry): It has HDMI, dual USB sockets and optical audio out as well as an SD-card socket and an Ethernet jack for networking.

I can’t find out if it has Wi-Fi but I’m taking the risk of assuming that it will have as it would be more than a bit daft having D-Link on-board and not bothering with Wi-Fi.

Unfortunately there’s no clear indication whether or not the UK will get the Boxee Box – word on the interweblogosphere is that it’ll retail for $200 (£120 before Brit Tax).

I bet Popcorn Hour are watching this very closely.

Get your free Boxee software and try it for yourselves – click here!

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