Boston Dynamics let their dog bot and Atlas out of the lab!

boston dynamics spotIf you’ve been keeping up with the next generation of military bots you know that things are getting mighty advanced – and a little bit scary.

Boston Dynamics is the brains behind these awesome robotics projects and now there’s new footage showing their machines in action. For some reason it doesn’t exactly make me feel fuzzy inside.

On the video below you first see Spot, the pup of Big Dog and Little Dog. This agile autonomous quadruped can be seen opening a door with an arm it has where its face should be.

I could see Spot pets making the Christmas lists as it’s almost cute how it trots around the place. Not sure about the super-strength face-arm though. Perhaps if they made it look like a baby elephant…

Next up is our old favourite Terminator prototype – Atlas.

Watch as Atlas bounds across uneven rocky surfaces and stalk a possible kill through the woods just like Arnie.

boston dynamics atlas in forestAtlas was scary enough when it was strapped down in the lab, but seeing Atlas in action in the great outdoors is something new. Not to mention a tad unnerving.

If you think that this thing could be taken out Ewok Vs AT-ST style then you’d better watch the bit where Atlas gets pounded by heavy weights and still maintains its balance. Back to the drawing-board then.

Without the slightest bit of fear in his voice, Boston Dynamics founder Marc Raibert states:

We’re interested in getting this robot out into this world,”

He goes on to say:

We’re working on a version that doesn’t have that [power tether],”

I think I may have soiled myself a little bit at that thought.

What with these, a robot Kangeroo, the ever-more-human Asimo, and super-speedy Cheetah bots, is humanity doomed?

Could we also see more robotic suicides in the future?

Watch your future masters at work
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