Borgeaud – The Pachang Fortune Telling Watch

fortune_watchIt’s all very well having a cool Swiss watch (I prefer vintage Rados if you’re ever looking for a gift to add to my collection of around 15 😉 ) but sometimes you need someone with vision to tell you if it’s wise to make a huge business decision or make a large investment.

I’m not talking about a Financial Advisor or Business Analyst – I’m talking fortune tellers!

Borgeaud watches have buddied up with Indian fortune tellers and created a watch that allegedly predicts the future.


The watch is named “The Pachang” after one of the world’s oldest almanacs.

What gives it this unusally ability is the odd shaped section on the face. If the stuff’s gonna hit the fan it quite aptly turns brown.

According to the Borgeaud site the watch will automatically display a daily 90-minute period called the Raju Kaal which is believed to be a bad time to make important decisions or start new projects – or to be Barnsley Football Club (usually Saturday afternoon).

The watch will only revert back to its normal colour after the Raju Kaal is over and “dark astral forces” have left the area.

Borgeaud is only producing 650 of the watches, with prices set above $2000 each.

I don’t need second sight to see that there’s going to be some rich gullable people about to become around $2,000 lighter.

via Ananova