Booze Alchemy!

My Mum and Dad have always stated that the difference between a bad wine and a good one is 2-3 glasses………

Why not save yourself the embarrassment and heart-burn of serving up a cheap bottle of plonk?

What we all could do with in these days of Credit Crunching is the Ultrasonic Wine Ager.

Casey Jones’ invention will ultrasonically change your sub fivver bottle of wine and improve the taste, look and bouquet whilst also purifying it apparently.

The transformation takes 30 minutes where the ultrasound technology makes the alcohol molecules to collide and thus providing an artificially aged wine.

For non-wine drinkers, Jones claims any alcohol which tastes better aged will work, so a throat-destroying whisky can taste like an oaky 8-year aged single malt and that cheap sherry will become more quaffable.

This wine ageing marvel will cost £350 saving you a whole lot more in the long run – not sure if it can improve Cherry Lambrini though……….