Bone Your iPhone 4 – Give it The Horn

There are simply too many double-entendre’s and innuendo’s to choose from sometimes… this is the BONE speaker horn!

But, talking about simple. You may have seen/heard the remarkable Griffin Aircurve that amplifies your iPhone 4 in a similar way your ear works – just by passing the noise/music/sound through a canal – no batteries required and it costs less than a tenner.

Well, splash some gramophone retro-chic into the mix and you get this – and it works just like those old, original disc spinners as well.

The silicon speaker slips over the iPhone’s end and channels the sound through the trumpet.

The blurb tells, and promises that this “adds 12 decibels of sound pressure to your iPhone’s speakers.”

Just like a 2-4-1- deal the speaker doubles as a handy stand.

Before you get too concerned about operating the iPhone’s home button as the bottom of your Apple blower is covered – Bone as included another that will pass on your presses.

The BONE horn doesn’t require any power and, personally, I love how it looks – perhaps not in green though.

Get them in Black, Bone (naturally) or that Green now for $25.

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