Boldly Go on a Carbon Fibre Toilet Seat

You want somewhere comfy to read the paper and you’re fed up with the cheap, plastic loo seats then surely the only way to go is carbon fibre?

For the ultimate in endurance, comfort, and performance just look at these figures: 2×2 twill pattern on its surface, 550,000 psi tensile carbon fibre, weighing a mere 2 lbs!

This is as close as most of us will ever get to sitting in an F1 car or a Space Shuttle.

Before you challenge its ass-pleasing comfort credentials – there’s actually a foam cushion underneath the outer cover.

This seat could possibly outlive its porceline throne and certainly wont crack under the pressure.

$279 is the asking price and at the time of writing this article Carbon Fiber Gear are out of stock.

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