B&O Joins The Ear Set

EarSet 1 and 2We are all aware of Bang & Olufsen.

The make top end phones, hi-fi and that groovy mp3 playing phone the Serenata (I wrote a review before moving this blog to its current home).

Now they bring us the plainly titled EarSet 2 and EarSet 3.

The EarSet 2 is the Bluetooth lug-grabber and has two omni-directional microphones that employ what’s called Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that helps clean up the sound by suppressing wind and other background noise for the best transmission possible.

EarSet 2  should be pretty comfy to wear as it has a fully adjustable clip to fit on your ear and a fold out mic.

Unfurling and folding up the mic functions as an on/off switch for the device. Calls and volume are operated by a single switcharoo!

The EarSet 3 isn’t wireless but will still inject clear tones down your aural cannals – yup, both lug-holes!

As well as being designed for chatting on your mobile blower you can listen to those mp3’s you’ve stored on it as well.  It will no doubt be great for those stand-alone MP3 players or hook it up to your new Apple iPhone 3G.

The EarSet 2 is around £200 and the EarSet 3 is about £150ish

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