Blyk Gives UK Youths Free Texts and Calls

If you slip into the 16-24 age grouping (I’m just outside it – drat 😉 ) then life has got a little sweeter for you.

Blyk will send you a SIM card with 217 free texts and 43 free minutes to any UK network and tops-up automatically with this same free amount every month!

You can also purchase more credit at 10p/text and 15p/minute.

If you top-up £5 or more in a month you will also receive and extra 150 free texts on your next refill.

You lucky, lucky people!

As you will learn later in life there’s no such thing as free and if it looks to good to be true it generally is.

The catch isn’t a big one though.

You’ll just have to put up with 6 brand messages per day max being sent to you. These are also free for you to receive and respond to (if they catered to your interests that well!).

Still sounds pretty good to me as an old fella  😛