Bluetooth 5 official – faster, longer, bigger

bluetooth 5The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has announced that the new Bluetooth 5 standard has now been officially adopted.

After being announced in June 2016, Bluetooth 5 is ready for release to developers and manufacturers.

This latest version of the wireless tech proves that it’s much more than just for speakers or smartwatches. It certainly looks like we will be seeing more smart home tech using this form of connectivity.

Bluetooth 5 focuses on range, bandwidth, and speed.

Bluetooth 5 benefits

The new standard promises a four times increase in range, twice the speed to 2Mbps, and eight times the capacity for sending data. This is compared with v4.2.

Naturally, Bluetooth’s power sipping qualities remains intact. All of this adds up to being the perfect smart home controller.

It’s also good news for Bluetooth audio.

Home and audio

The range increase means that Bluetooth can more easily cover an entire house. Faster speeds, obviously, means less waiting for things to happen.

press release five 2016Thanks to the 800% increase in message capacity more data can be pinged about. This means, importantly to me and other lovers of Hi-Fi, we should hear better quality wireless audio.

Saying that though, the SIG has mentioned plans to move all audio applications onto a new, low-energy radio, called Bluetooth low energy (BLE), by the end of next year.

Not only that, we will be getting faster and more reliable over-the-air firmware updates.

Clearer and adaptable

Bluetooth 5 promises less interference caused by other, closely matched, bandwidths. It also opens up the chance for developers to manage the individual aspects of the connection.

For instance, a smartwatch doesn’t require a massive range, but speed might be really important; on the other hand your connected lightbulb will probably require the opposite.

This means more specially tailored apps and hardware.

Bottom line

The advantages then will mainly be seen in Internet of Things devices. This should mean longer battery life for fitness bands, location trackers and smart home sensors.

Bluetooth 5 devices will start being certified from the 13th December and should start reaching the market in early 2017.