Bluelounge Jimi – a neat gadget to bring iMac USB to the front

jimiApple are known for their sleek and user-friendly designs but some of you iMac users may wonder why the heck Sir Ive and co decided that the four USB ports would be best placed on the back of the machine? Jimi wants to help.

Bluelounge obviously feels that a front-facing USB port would be very advantageous for iMac users. True, having the ports at the rear works fine for input devices or external drives that you’re going to plug in once and then leave in place for the foreseeable future, but what about the USB sticks that are still in heavy use to move files around easily? They’re just one example of something that needs to be plugged in temporarily, then unplugged. And for those things, ports on the back of the machine just makes it fiddly.

Bluelounge’s simple solution, named Jimi, is a little USB port extender that looks like a J when seen from the side.

It plugs into a USB port on the back and wraps under the display, giving you a port easily accessible from the front.

It’s for 21-inch and 27-inch iMacs with the current slim body style that was first introduced in 2012.

The Jimi is available now and priced at €14.95 and will no doubt make life with your iMac a little bit easier.

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