Blue Mo-Fi headphones with built-in audiophile amp

blue mo-fi headphonesBlue is probably better known for its range of nifty USB microphones but that hasn’t stopped it entering the highly competitive arena of statement headphones with its Mo-Fi cans.

The Blue Mo-Fi Headphones are equipped with a built-in “audiophile” amplifier, which boosts the power of the often weak audio from mobile devices. The theory is that this should give the Blue ear pleasers the ability to pack a larger punch thanks to more powerful speakers shoved in the earcups. These are actually 50mm fiber-reinforced dynamic drivers, in case you were wondering.

Blue has said that it went back to the drawing board on the design of the Mo-Fi headphones. They certainly don’t look like other headphones, with a main rectangular block that sits on the head supporting two articulating arms that hold the ear cups in place. They still maintain a retro vibe but with a decent brush of modernity.

For me it’s usually the little things, that attention to detail, which wins me over. The Blue Mo-Fis have a switch on the side that rotates around the removable headphone cable. This switches the amplifier off, on – or on with an analogue-style bass boost, which is said to make the music sound authentically warmer in the low end.

Charging for the poweramp comes via microUSB and should give you around 12-15 hours of play time before needing a top-up. This longevity is aided by a feature that automatically switches off the headphones when they’re taken off your head. They will also play music without the amp on, so if they run out of juice the music doesn’t have to stop.

Blue intendeds to take on Apple’s Beats and the Mo-Fi headphones are placed in that price bracket. They cost £299 and can be preordered from and comes bundled with two cables – one with a remote for controlling playback on a smartphone and another longer one for connecting to a hi-fi.

Without getting ears-on with the Blue Mo-Fi I obviously can’t say how they sound. Blue says audiophile, I say let me have a go.