Blue Lola headphones – like Mo-Fi but lighter and ampless

Blue Lola detailRemember the Mo-Fi headphones from Blue? They promised better-sounding headphones thanks to their in-built amp. This did make them a little cumbersome and require regular charging. Now, Blue’s new new Lola headphones look to sort things out.

The Mo-Fi headphones are rocking 50mm drivers which were driven by the aforementioned amp. Portable headphone amps are getting more-and-more common as users realise how much better their headphones, especially the decent ones, sound when plugged in to one.

The new Lola headphone uses the same design as the Mo-Fi headphones, which I happen to like, as well as the same 50mm drivers. The Lola instead has dropped the in-built amp which instantly makes them lighter and slimmer.

Blue LolaThe Blue Lola weigh 14 ounces compared to the Mo-Fi’s 16.4 ounces. That might not seem such a big deal but even a little bit of weight matters when you have it on your head for any length of time.

I would be interested in comparing the Mo-Fi and the Lola to see if the weight-saving has a detrimental impact on the sound quality – also, if the Lola with a portable amp/DAC trumps the Mo-Fi.

I’ve not been able to find a UK price for the Lola but in the states they’re set at $250.

Check out the video below:
[youtube id=”ZjGdh-wLrVc”]