Blue Compass desktop mic boom arm looks the business

compass boom arm yeticasterBlue, bringers of awesome microphones, has just introduced Compass. This broadcast boom arm will answer the prayers of many podcasters, game streamers and voice artists.

The Blue Compass is a premium enclosed-style desktop mic boom arm.

Not only will this free up surface estate taken up by desk mic tripods, it will clear the clutter caused by full studio floorstands.

Furthermore, it looks cool. Oh, and I am already wanting one!

Blue Compass mic boom

Blue Compass broadcast mic boom armBlue’s new Compass desktop boom arm is compatible with most mics, including Blue’s Yeti and full range of USB mics. Additionally, it can be used with professional studio mics.

The arm features a rather sleeek design with built-in cable management. I have also been reassured that it is practically silent when being adjusted.

Blue Compass broadcast mic boom arm cable managementCompass rotates a full 360 degrees and stays in place after being adjusted. Finally, a robust C-clamp creates a solid connection with the desktop.

Blue Compass broadcast mic boom armCompass is the perfect desktop boom solution for a wide range of broadcast applications. As a podcaster and musician, I am certainly interested in this. Also, game streamers, voice-over artists, and other broadcasters should get on this.


Tommy Edwards, Director of Product Management at Blue Microphones, said.

Podcasters, streamers and audio professionals have been asking us for a boom arm solution that works with Yeti and other pro mics, and we’re excited to introduce Compass.

Compass is the ultimate boom solution for applications where you want the mic off the desktop or positioned for on-camera broadcasting. We’ve designed it to be nimble and sleek so creators can adjust their mic into the perfect position without any of the squeaking of scissor boom arms. It’s also designed to securely hold the weight of heavier mics like Yeti or lighter weight broadcast mics. Whether you adjust the boom to disappear off camera or feature it front and center, Compass fits perfectly into any game streaming or podcasting setup and lets you position your mic where you want it.”

Blue bundles

Compass is also featured in the new Blue Yeticaster bundle, which includes Yeti, the new Radius III shockmount, and Compass, for a complete, professional broadcast setup out of the box.

Price and availability

Compass is available now at authorised retailers including Amazon for £99.99.

The Yeticaster bundle is coming soon with an RRP of £179.99.

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