Blofield Blow-up Chesterfield Sofa and Armchairs – Summer Festivals Have Become So Refined!

blofield-inflatable-chesterfield-armchair-jeroen-van-de-kant1Now, sometimes you need portable furniture – anyone that’s had that ‘bring the emergency chairs down’ moment will know how having fold-away chairs can be useful.

Double that with wanting something to lounge around on in the garden or at a festival but in a better, classier way – then head over to Blofield.

No! Not, the Bond baddie – that was Ernst Stavro Blofeld!

Blofield has an incredible inflatable Chesterfield Armchair that’s been created by Jeroen Van de Kant.

This is sure to give your garden a makeover and any festival gathering sure-fire glam.

It’s so portable that you can take this blow up couch away camping or just down the park but you do need an electricity supply for the pump to save you seeing stars and hyperventilating 😉

The sofa can be deflated in 5 minutes when it rains or you get moved on.

As mentioned before – this inflatable class can be used at home and used as emergency seating 🙂

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