Blocks – the modular smartwatch

Blocks watchThe concept behind Google’s Project Ara phone, which followed the Phonebloks idea, is that the choice of what a device does is totally in the hands of the user. Blocks is wanting the same to go for the latest must-have device – the smartwatch.

Blocks, the Project Ara of smartwatches, intends to offer a fully customisable wearable experience, allowing the user to choose which sensors and features make sense for their wrist, whether it’s a basic fitness band they’re after, or a more fully featured smartwatch.

Blocks allows its users to pick and choose what they want for their wearable, whether that’s a big screen, more battery or a heart rate monitor.

snap together blocksThe UK team behind the modular smartwatch concept say they have built a functional prototype, and plan to go the crowdfunding route to get to a shipping product — with a commercial product launch penciled in for mid-2015.

Pricing for the basic Blocks “package”, which would consist of the processor, battery and display blocks, would have a similar price-tag to the Pebble smartwatch. Obviously, the additional function Blocks would be costed depending on what it was/does.

Wearable tech is inherently very personal – it could be on you 24/7 and can be used to monitor everything your body gets up to – so it makes total sense that devices should be customisable and built to fit the individual’s needs.

Doesn’t it?

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