Blocks modular smartwatch runs Android Wear and is on its way

Blocks watchRemember the Blocks modular smartwatch? Well, it looks as though it’s gone in to production.

If you recall the Blocks is like a wrist-bound version of Google’s Project Ara Grey Phone. The choice and versatility offered by modular devices seems to make perfect sense to me.

Not only can the device be customised to meet the wearer’s needs, depending on what they’re doing, it can also match the owner’s current budget and then can be built up when more spare cash makes itself known.

The concept behind the Blocks smartwatch is that users snap together different Blocks or modules within the strap to build a unique wearable tailored to their requirements for that day. Similar to the gaming-centric NEX Band.

BLOCKS SmartwatchThe different Blocks include a camera module, GPS, heart rate, microphone, SIM card, blood oxygen reader, gesture control, fingerprint scanner and, of course, the display to name but a few. I’m particularly liking the idea of having a range of display modules so that you can choose to go square (LG G Watch), round (Moto 360 or maybe iWatch) or fitness band.

The Blocks smartwatch is currently in production and is expected to priced between £150-200 depending on the modules you choose. With premium tier modules expected to be priced around £250-300.

The Blocks smartwatch will be powered by Google’s new Android Wear operating system and will be available with a variety of different shaped watch faces to choose from.

For more information on the new Blocks smartwatch concept head over to the Blocks website where you can also register your interest if you would like to purchase one.