BLOCKS modular smartwatch opens its doors #ChooseBLOCKS

BLOCKS coreIf you don’t like the idea of having to buy a totally new version of your device every year then modular is the way to go surely? BLOCKS, the same people who Google bought what became Project Ara from, has launched their modular smartwatch just now on Kickstarter.

The Early Bird packages are flying so get in on the action quickly on

I have been keeping a watchful eye on this modular smartwatch for quite some time and now it is here!

BLOCKS is made of two key parts: the core which has all the features you would expect from any other smartwatch and the hot-swappable (you don’t have to turn the device off to add/remove them) modules which can be just about anything.

BLOCKS is the world’s first fully customisable smartwatch. It enables the wearer the freedom to choose what they want, how they want it.

BLOCKS specificationsAs the combination of modules, or building BLOCKS, is entirely up to you the watch you wear will be tailored exactly to what you need.

Not only that, you can swap modules in and out depending on what  you require at the time.

Your device – your way.

BLOCKS orangeIf you’re on the way to the gym, just add the fitness module. Going shopping? Sling on the NFC module. Heading off to a new city? Then just add the GPS module.

BLOCKS smartwatchThe combinations are endless. BLOCKS is a smartwatch built by you, for you.

It looks like BLOCKS will become a reality as they have already smashed their $250,000 target within moments of opening their campaign!

BLOCKS starts with an Early Bird package at £130 ($195) – sprint over to if you want to take advantage!

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