Blippy Automatically Shares Your Credit Card Habits With the World

If you’re the type of person who likes to brag about the amount of cash you’ve splashed and what on – Blippy is calling you!

Blippy basically gives your credit card its own Facebook and Twitter account and each time the plastic gets spanked Blippy gets to know and then, so will everyone else – so, careful when shopping at more adult-centric stores 😉

You can log into Blippy via your Twitter or Facebook accounts and then you can select which stores (iTunes, Amazon, Threadless, etc) you want your transactions blipped about – so, if you have some shady purchases or buying gifts at least you have the choice whether or not this info is transmitted.

As expected, you need to enter your credit card details for Blippy to work – time to start the gulp-o-matic-a-go-go!!

Blippers? get to see popular purchases from around the Blipperverse via their feeds which could be useful if you want to see what’s trending – which may be more handy for stores than punters.

Would you be happy with uploading all your credit card details and then sharing your spending habits with the world?

Comment below (you don’t have to tell me your bank details!) 🙂

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