Blessed are the Gadget Makers – iBible

Could we be finding one  of these in every hotel bedside drawer in the future?

Probably not but the Chinese makers, KingNeed,  obviously feel that there is a market for another PDA but with the addition of 2 installed versions of the Old and New Testaments.

It’s not the most breathtaking of lookers and has most of the functions a normal PDA would.  It has contacts, task and calendar info, which you can sync with Outlook or Google Calendar, plus it can play MP3s, AVI videos and display pictures.  There are USB, miniSD and 3.5mm earphone sockets, with up to 4GB of memory built-in, depending on the version – yup, there’s more than one version of this thing!

It  runs specially written software rather than Windows Mobile or Palm OS and it comes with the regualr stylus for you to operate everything via the 81mm (3.2-inch) touchscreen.

As mentioned before – it is a Bible.  Really!  The installed scriptures are all fully indexed so tap a word from an alphabetised list and get to see the relevant verse.

A ‘wisdoms’ button gives you selected important quotes from the Bible, and the text to speech function means you can simply listen to the verse if you so wish through the built-in speaker or buy the matching speakers so that the rest of a small congregation can hear.

It’s aimed at older people so it has been made with an easy-to-adjust text size function. The company is making them now, and it reckons they will cost around £95. Check out Amazons page!

Via those saints at Crave