Blade Runner M2019 PKD water pistol

takagi_mod02kai.02It has been very many years since I hankered after a water pistol. But this could be the chance to own a replica of Deckard’s sidearm of choice.

Any fan of Blade Runner will recognise the M2019 PKD blaster. This is Rick Deckard’s (Harrison Ford) pistol of choice.

Well, later on this year you can be the coolest in water fights.

Leave the Super Soakers to wannabe Schwarzeneggers and the like.

I choose the M2019 PKD WaterBlaster – it’s what Deckard would pick.

High end replica

Being a movie with a cult following, there are many replicas out there to be had.

Perhaps at the top of the tree is the Ryosuke Takagi model pictured above and below.

takagi_mod02kai.09The detail is exquisite but does come at a price.

If you fancy one, you’ll have to get $600+ together first. However, there is another way.

Takagi Type M2019 WaterBlaster

The WaterBlaster is based on the replica above.

Planned for release in June this year it comes in at a rather more reasonable price point.

The Takagi Type M2019 WaterBlaster is priced at 1,296 yen or just under a tenner at current conversion rates.

Yes, you can sign me up for one, right now.

Replicants are like any other machine – they’re either a benefit or a hazard. If they’re a benefit, it’s not my problem.