Blackbird Carbon Fibre Acoustic Guitar

Looking for a virtually indestructible acoustic guitar?

Blackbird’s Rider Nylon guitar is really made of carbon fiber; it’s the strings that are nylon – don’t ask me why it’s not named the Rider CF!

Blackbird says that the Rider is “nearly indestructible” so that should make it pretty much the perfect travel guitar.

The unusual material has meant altering the style from a more traditional shape.

As you can see: it’s far squarer, and the sound hole has moved up to the neck, and been renamed a “soundscoop” instead.  This, apparently, makes for a better sound response.

The other side-effect is that it’s light enough at 3-pounds to fit into an aircraft overhead locker.

There is also a steel-stringed version but these carbon fiber axes aint what you’d class as budget strummers:

Nylon string model is $1,900 and the smaller steel-stringed version is $1,600.

They’ll be grinnin’ while you’ll be pickin’ boy!

Blackbird via GadgetLab