Blackberry Tablet – Flashy!

There’s much ado about the interwebs regarding a new tablet.

RIM seems to be getting quite a few people all hot-and-bothered with their Blackberry tablet.

RIM showed off its Blackberry 6 OS BlackBerry 6 which now features a new browser, more social media cleverness, and multi-touch skills. The OS is obviously looking squarely at iOS4 with its universal search which makes it real simple to search the contents of your machine in one go as well as the whole pinch and zoom smarts 🙂

Add into the mix that this will play nice with full Flash support and hardware-based Flash acceleration which opens up a world of interweb-based video. I would assume that Adobe has already confirmed that Flash 10.1 will support Blackberry – this is sure to add another thorn in Mr Jobs’ side.

The Blackberry tablet is said to sport a 7in screen, 1Ghz Marvell processor plus two cameras for video conferencing

It does sound like the battle of the fruit-based tablets could well-and-truly be an interesting one.

So – American Apples or Canadian Blackberries? Chose your fruit!

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