BlackBerry 7 OS Official – No Upgrade from 6

RIM has just made the latest BlackBerry OS update official – so please welcome BB 7 OS to the stage!

BlackBerry 7 OS will bring with it an easier and faster user interface as well as voice-activated searches being made available not just for your phone content but for the entire interwebs!

BB 7 hands the RIM handhelds a nice new slick browser which loads pages 1.6 times faster than BB 6 as well as some schmoooooth zooming with a capital schmooo. This is all helped along thanks to new features such as a JIT (just-in-time) JavaScript compiler and HTML5 Video support.

BlackBerry Balance is also part of the new OS, allowing you to juggle your personal and professional lives into neat and separate piles of loveliness.

The first BlackBerry that will feature the new BB 7 OS is the newly cobbled BlackBerry Bold Touch which should arrive “this summer.”

Update: BlackBerry 9900 and 9930 have just been unveiled in Florida!

Bad news if you’re looking to refresh your current CrackBerry though – RIM has noted that there will be “no legacy support” with BB 7. That’s basically saying that older devices, even those running version 6 of the OS, won’t be getting any updates in order to enjoy the new software wonders.

Apparently the reason for this is that the new OS has been built with the graphics hardware in the touch-capable Bold handsets in mind. Basically, the old phones just won’t be up to the task.

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