BlackBerry Messenger 6 Brings in-game and in-app Chat

In the iPhone v BlackBerry battle my RIM fanatical friends always throw BlackBerry Messenger in as their opening gambit. Now, with BBM 6, their case is strengthening.

BlackBerry Messenger 6 is going to infiltrate every part of the average CrackBerry addicts life as the new version of BBM will actually appear in apps so that users can chat without having to leave whatever they’re doing – if you’re mid-game you’ll be able to squirt off a killer heckle as you make your finishing move!

Other new features include status updates on your BBM profile when you use BBM-connected apps and your high scores and achievements, such as Foursquare badges, can all be proudly displayed for all to see.

You’ll find BBM chatting in a range of apps – Foursquare, the Huffington Post, Wikitude, for instance as well in a variety of games.

Using apps becomes more social as you will be able to use BlackBerry Messenger 6 to recommend apps as well as tell your BB friends which ones you are using at the moment. Fancy challenging a friend to a game? Well, send them a link and tell them to download the game and take you on – if they dare!

It’s no surprise that App platforms are investing more in having users share their recommendations. How many apps have you downloaded because your best-mate has said that it’s worthy compared with what is recommended by the app store?

It was only this morning that a friend was telling me how BBM has actually convinced his friends to buy a BlackBerry despite its business-like image. There can be no doubt that the free BBM service has driven up the popularity of RIM’s handhelds in the personal user sector – especially in the teen/early 20s market.

The smugness of BlackBerry users may soon be at an end though thanks to Apple’s iMessage service for iOS 5 handing similar social skills to the iPhone and iPad 😉

Go and download BlackBerry Messenger 6 from the BlackBerry App World by clicking here 🙂

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