BlackBerry KEY2 returns to type

BB KEY2BlackBerry Mobile has announced the availability of their latest button-boasting KEY2 smartphone.

Following on from the success of the KEYone last year, TCL (holders of the BlackBerry license) have unleashed a new and improved version.

It seems that lots of people love buttons. Is it purely memories of previous handsets or are we fed up with designers whipping away mechanical switches and ports to only end up with a smooth, featureless oblong?

Well, with the KEY2, BlackBerry brings another button-fest! The button-mashing-bonus is that it offers myriad ways of doing things.

BlackBerry KEY2 refinements

BlackBerry KEY2Looking over the spec list, the KEY2 refines almost every aspect of last year’s KEYone, which was already pretty good.

The new BB is lighter whilst also retaining its predecessor’s robust construction. I am happy to see that the now familiar grippy, rubberised coating on the rear has been retained. It also keeps a 3.5mm audio port.

Furthermore, it also boasts the stamina of last year’s model so we can expect around two days of use.

The KEY2 also boasts a flagship-class chunk of RAM. The 6GB should keep app switching and multi-tasking sweet, smooth and speedy.

Armed with a 4.5-inch display, and improved, larger keyboard I am looking forward to trying it out.

The phone runs on Android Oreo 8.1 and offers microSD support for expandable storage.


One of the biggest updates compared to the BlackBerry KEYone is the introduction of the first ever dual-rear camera on a BlackBerry smartphone.

The dual 12MP cameras promise an improvement in auto white balance, faster auto focus, improved image stabilisation and new photo capture experiences. The BlackBerry KEY2 also introduces new capture modes such as Portrait Mode and Optical Superzoom.

Official launch

I am off the the BlackBerry KEY2 official UK launch party tonight so I hope to get some quality time with the new BB. Naturally, I shall share my thoughts with you.

Price and availability

The BlackBerry KEY2 is available now in Selfridges Manchester, Birmingham and Oxford Street London stores.

BlackBerry KEY2 in Black and Silver has an RRP of £579 GBP, and will also be available carrier-unlocked from June 29, at Unlocked Mobiles, BuyItDirect, Mobile Phones Direct, and Clove Technologies.