Black Diamond Orbit Multipurpose Flashlight Lantern [Festivals and Camping]

black-diamond-orbitAs the festival season is almost here and getting back to your tent at 4am doesn’t get any easier here’s another gadgety way of lighting your way.

May I introduce the Black Diamond Equipment Orbit LED lantern.

It slings out a “smooth, circular ambient light about six feet in diameter” so guy-ropes, empties and sleeping stoners should be easily avoided.

The Orbit is actually designed for the outdoorsy stuff so it weighs a tiny 3oz and has little hooks that attach to tents and trees as well as being able to stand on its end.

You can alter the brightness so you don’t have to show the rest of the site what you’re up to in the tent and you can extend the Orbit from 4 to 5.5 inches in length with a soft tug.

It runs on four AAAs or an optional rechargeable battery and costs $30

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