Black & Decker To Release Remote Control Door Locks

logo_progPassing a lump of shaped metal into a corresponding orifice then twisting it just to open or secure your abode too much for you?

Well those tool-meisters, Black & Decker, are to launch a “state-of-the-art remote wireless residential access control solution” that could see you locking your front door remotely.

Black & Decker’s motorised electronic deadbolts can be locked and unlocked remotely, with no direct human interaction.

Not very satisfying for the almost OCD of you out there who like to rattle the door 5-10 times before leaving but I’m guessing ideal for the more lax that tend to get that  “did I lock the door?” moment when stepping on to the plane.

Word is that it’ll be due in the new year – I’m interested to find out just how secure the remote code signal is.